Gonzales, M.Ed

Licensed Social Worker & Sexual Health Educator

Helping You Host Your Fun, Honest and Discreet Sex Education Workshops, Bachelorette or Adult Sex Toy Parties and Private Consultations and Coaching in the Philadelphia, PA area including New Jersey and Delaware


Hello lovelies!

My purpose is supporting the empowerment of people to be healthy & whole sexual beings. I support people in:

* learning about and loving our bodies, 

* communicating our sexual desires, 

* exploring kink,

* obtaining and maintaining healthy relationships, 

* self-exploration and pleasure

* being proud to be queer or transgender, and

* finding the right toy or product to take you to the next level.

More About Me

Since middle school, I have been the person people go to with questions about sex, their body, dating, and pleasure. At age 18, I professed that I would be “the next Dr. Ruth” and set out on a path to get me there. I obtained a Masters degree in Human Sexuality Education and am a Licensed Social Worker (PA).

I have spoken to people one-on-one, as well as to 2,000+ person audiences about sex and sexuality.

I am queer and believe everyone has a right to a healthy and pleasurable sexuality, regardless of age, orientation, gender identity, or ability.

Sex can be physical, intimate, spiritual, essential, and transformative.


Through sex toy parties workshops and sex education classes on various topics, along with high-quality, body-safe adult products, I can help provide you with the resources you need to achieve optimal sexual awareness and health.

Interested in learning about what sex education workshops and classes that I offer? Please click [here].

If you have any questions, need a fun idea for a bachelorette party, want to host an upscale sex toy party workshop for women and couples, OR want individual coaching, please contact me [here].

You can also find me on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let me help YOU feel comfortable and confident in living your truth and experiencing your greatest sexual potential!